CNC sheet metal bending and cutting – With state-of-the-art equipment, we guarantee a quality sheet metal bending and cutting product to your specifications.

Sheet metal cutting and bending for a wide variety of products (cutting and bending of sheet metal up to 15mm thickness and 3m length). We use CNC hydraulic shears, CNC edge press, sheet metal bending machine for sheet metal bending and cutting. Additionally, we process tubes and profiles with a tube and profile bending machine and a band saw for cutting profiles and tubes. We guarantee extreme precision and repeatability of production for sheet metal cutting and sheet metal bending.

With high-quality preparation of stainless metals (inox, aluminum, various structural steels) on CNC machines and modern bending machines, we produce elements of complex shapes. Leave the CNC bending and cutting of sheet metal in the hands of experts, and you will get a quality and efficient product.

The basic technical characteristics of CNC sheet metal bending and cutting machines are:
  • CNC hydraulic shears (sheet metal cutting up to 3m length, 200 tons thrust)
  • CNC hydraulic edge press (3m length, CNC bending of sheet metal 8 mm thick)
  • Sheet bending machine (2m length, 8mm bending thickness)
  • Tube and profile bending machine (70mm axle diameter)
  • Band saw for cutting profiles and tubes (370mm diameter)
  • Punching machine