Manufacturing of process technology equipment for renewable energy power plants – biogas plants

Biogas, one of the most efficient energy sources, can be produced from organic waste. Biogas is considered to be an environmentally friendly energy source due to the lower CO2 production during combustion.

The advantage of biogas is that it can be converted into electricity using a cogeneration system. In addition, the combustion releases heat which can be used for industrial process heating, district heating of residential buildings or for the production of cold.

Our business expertise, ecological awareness and knowledge of modern high technology are the attributes that make us the right partner for you.

We can help you with your biogas plant, from the idea and development to the actual implementation of the project:

  • Designing or redesigning the plans,
  • Manufacture of stainless steel equipment and products,
  • Installation of process plants,
  • Heating and ventilation equipment.
In the energy sector, our activity is focused on new constructions, reconstructions and maintenance of existing facilities.

We are a development partner with companies that are experts in the fields of construction, technology installation, plumbing, electricity, plastics. That’s why we can take on even the most complex jobs.