Technological knowledge and competence ensure you high-quality assembly of technological objects (assembly of industrial equipment, plant assembly, and piping assembly).

In the field of industrial buildings, STU, d.o.o. focuses on new constructions, reconstructions, and maintenance of existing buildings. The following products are assembled:

  • Assembly of technological equipment,
  • Installation of mechanical and electrical installations,
  • Installation of tanks, vessels,
  • Installation of various furnaces, rotating equipment,
  • Installation of cleaning and dedusting plants,
  • Installation of technological pipelines,
  • Installation of conveying equipment,
  • Erection of steel structures, etc.

With a group of experienced installers, we can guarantee an efficient and fast project execution.

The assembly of process equipment and the installation of stainless steel plumbing are steps towards a comprehensive process system.

Our specialty is the assembly of process systems in the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries.