We are technologically fully equipped to manufacture steel structures of varying complexity.

We specialize in the production of technological process equipment for the pharmaceutical, biochemical, and food industries. This is entirely customized to the specific requirements of our customers. We specialize in processing stainless steels (inox, aluminum, etc.).

Our professional development and implementation team, working on individual products, ensures you a quality product from development to implementation and installation.

Process equipment within our production program includes the following:

  • Reactors,
  • Process vessels,
  • Mixing vessels,
  • Cogeneration units,
  • Fermenters,
  • Special tanks,
  • Transport containers,
  • Special process equipment,
  • Manufacture of special spare parts,
  • Containers for various composites (acids, alcohols),
  • Vacuum vessels,
  • Pipelines,
  • Platforms with stairs, safety railings, etc.

We are a development partner with companies that are experts in the fields of construction, installation technology, plumbing, electricity, plastics. That’s why we can take on even the most complex jobs.