Modern equipment for processing stainless metal materials (inox, aluminium, construction steels…)

We have 600m2 of production space and all the necessary production equipment for the processing of stainless metal materials, structural steels:

  • CNC hydraulic shears (cutting sheet metal up to 3m length, pushing 200 tons),
  • CNC hydraulic edge press (sheet bending up to 3m length, sheet bending thickness 15mm),
  • Sheet bending machine (calandra), length 2m, bending thickness 8mm,
  • Tube and profile bending machine, axle diameter 70mm,
  • Band saw for cutting profiles and tubes (370mm diameter),
  • Punching and punching machine,
  • Drilling machine, Morse taper 4,
  • Forklift truck 2500kg capacity,
  • Welding machines: MIG/MAG welding, TIG welding, semi-automatic.